Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We aspire to become pioneers in providing distinguished and innovative financial services.

Our Mission

  • To commit to the highest standards in the provision of banking services in accordance with the Iraqi legislations and laws, As well as, to keep up with the latest global technological developments to serve the best interests of our customers.
  • To manage investments carefully in order to achieve better profits for the sake of the common interest of the customers and the bank itself.
  • To cooperate and coordinate fully with other financial institutions to provide the best in order to strengthen the basis of the financial investment system.
  • To commit to develop all economic aspects in our communities through investing in industrial, agricultural, commercial, and real estate sectors with the objective of generating job opportunities.
  • To commit to social responsibility in accordance with the religious teachings that suits the nature of society.
  • To contribute to the prosperity of the society by supporting the dissemination of safety, security and social justice.
  • To encourage the concept of saving by using the right investment methods and standards, through the provision of financial and investment products that suit customers’ needs.
  • To provide the required funds for investors to establish economic projects, and proper tools for financing activities to meet the needs of dealers.