How many operating branches for Ashur International Bank for Investment in Iraq?
There are 8 branches for the Ashur International Bank for Investment operating currently in the Iraqi provinces. Several new branches of the bank shall be opened in the near future as part of the ongoing expansion plans.

Does Ashur Bank provide ATM service?
Yes, Ashur Bank grants MasterCard to its clients which enables them to withdraw money from any Ashur bank ATM available in any place across Iraq or from any ATM of any other bank inside or outside Iraq.

Does Ashur Bank provide individual and retail loans?
Yes, Ashur Bank offers a variety of loan products for individuals through personal and auto loans under certain conditions and within competitive benefit prices that suit all sectors in society.

Does Ashur Bank provide corporate and business loans and facilities?
Yes, Ashur International Bank offers a range of business and corporate services and facilities within certain International standards and controls. The bank staff are highly competent and can be trusted to provide world class services for all clients.

Does Ashur Bank provide Qi Cards?
Yes, Ashur International Bank contracted the Qi Card Company with the objective of expanding its services to reach more clients and beneficiaries.

Does Ashur Bank have savings accounts that provide clients with revenue?
Yes, within competitive interest rates that enable clients to gain the highest possible revenue on their money.

What kind of papers required from the client to open an account in the bank?
Any Iraqi national can open an account in Ashur International Bank for Investment, under laws in force in Iraq and under the conditions of opening bank accounts issued by the Central Bank of Iraq.

Can any non-Iraqi open an account in the Ashur International Bank for Investment?
Yes, under the condition of holding a travel document issued by country of origin in addition to residency card issued by authorities in his/her area of residence in Iraq in the event of being resident.

Can clients use ATM cards of the Bank to execute withdrawals outside Iraq from any other ATMs and in any currency?
Yes, the ATM cards of Ashur International Bank are connected with (MasterCard) Internationally. The card should be provided with a magnetic chip readable at any bank anywhere around the world.