Corporate Loans

Ashur International Bank for Investment funds projects for big corporates by identifying their financing needs and providing appropriate loans according to the cash flows of the corporate. Financing projects is considered one of the most complex banking services, due to the fact that it requires an organizational structure that comes in harmony with the basic characteristics of the project and match the requirements of the financial markets.

The bank assigns a qualified banker aware of the corporate’s activities as the focal point to fulfil the banking needs of it. Accordingly, our clients can benefit from the experience of the working group, make use of the advanced banking solutions and secure access to the needed capital in line with their financial requirements regardless of its complexity. We provide loans at competitive prices in a well-coordinated manner aiming to improve profits by associating payment of installments with the cash flow.

The list of our corporate clients includes local firms, multinational corporations and well-selected group of clients of clients from all Iraqi regions; south, north and center.