Chairman of the Board of Directors

It gives me the pleasure to introduce the official website of Ashur International Bank for Investment. Our objective is to provide our clients with comprehensive background about Ashur International Bank; its history, services and products offered by a group of dedicated team keen to provide the newest and the most exclusive services. We constantly work on developing our services with the objective of introducing new services and products.  

Our great ancient civilization inspired us to give the Bank its name. We developed its values and objectives in accordance with the challenges of the present taking into consideration the requirements for a better future and keeping on mind the tremendous and rapid technological development. Our employees are keen to provide our clients with the best services and products which contribute in boosting our national economy, In addition to participating in building a better future for our children, country and region. Our work stems from our strong belief that achievement is not a miracle.

We, in Ashur Bank, take into consideration your goals and ambitions, and stand by your side when facing difficulties by providing our distinguished services that lead to success counting on the best practices in the banking industry to continue  the process of development.

We want our clients and shareholders to be sure that you deal with a professional team of expertise and leaders in the field of banking, finance, and economy, which constitute our real assets. 

Once again, welcome to our website.