Instant Card (Master Card)


Ashur International Bank offers an immediate MasterCard card, a smart card with a smart chip and PIN, which gives its users greater security in electronic payments. The MasterCard card, which is provided by Ashur Bank, also contains the Smart Chip, On the magnetic strip, which helps to accept the card in the markets and places where not passed the technology of immediate enrollment smart cards.


Features of the immediate card (Master Card)


The MasterCard card provided by Ashur Bank allows its holder access to its bank account 24 hours a day and anywhere in the world by performing the following operations:


Withdraw money from the cardholder's account without having to carry out any of the conventional banking operations. The withdrawal process is performed directly on Automated Teller Machine ... ATM machines available locally and internationally with the MasterCard logo,

Purchase of services and products from the merchant and without the need to use cash and POS devices Point of Sale ... which are available locally and internationally also and millions of shops such as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, airlines and other services,

Purchase of products and services over the Internet. All these transactions shall be within a specified limit of the card, known as the maximum limit for daily purchases and the maximum limit for daily withdrawal, and shall be determined by the Bank to reduce any risks or errors resulting from the use of the Card.

Procedures for the application of the immediate registration card (Master Card)


The customer owns a current account or is provided with Ashur Bank.

Approve the terms and conditions of the instant debit card provided by Ashur Bank.

Fill out the application form for the immediate registration card in the open section with the customer's account, and bring one of its supporting documents with the civil ID or passport.

Once the above data is provided, the branch will provide the customer with the date of receipt of both the card and the PIN.

Information about the immediate debit card (Master Card)


The cardholder can ensure that his MasterCard card is accepted by the institution or merchant by checking the existence of the MasterCard logo, which is usually displayed prominently in the form of stickers in stores with points of sale or ATMs for financial institutions. In the absence of such stickers, the customer can verify the merchant or the organization whether the card is accepted by them or not.

The Bank will follow up the procedures for activating the card once the customer receives both the card and its PIN, enabling him to use his card.

 Withdrawals or purchases will be rejected if there is insufficient credit in the bank account of the cardholder. Therefore, the cardholder must check the status of his credit and the card attached before using the card for withdrawals or purchases.

In case the cardholder forgets the PIN number .. the secret code .. The department must follow up its branch to carry out the procedures of issuing a new secret number and bring with it one of its supporting documents (Civil Status ID / Passport).

As a security measure, the ATM swallows the card if the customer enters his secret number three times in a row, even if it is done at different ATMs. The card holder must go to the bank branch and bring one of its supporting documents to the bank. Or issuing a new one if the customer forgets his or her secret number.

If you have any problems with your card, please call the number on the back of the card or go to the nearest branch of Ashur Bank.

Safe use of the Master Card


The cardholder must sign with the dry ink on the signature ribbon behind the card as soon as the card is received.

Keep the PIN Envelope and PIN number in a safe place for reference when needed. Do not place your PIN in your wallet or on your card.

Check the card periodically to make sure it is present and never leave it.

When paying by MasterCard, check the information on the sales receipt and compare it with the transactions on your statement.

Damage copies of receipts, flight tickets, and everything that shows your card numbers when completed.

When using the card on ATMs, make sure that your PIN is not disclosed to anyone close to the cashier. Make sure to withdraw the card immediately after the transaction is completed and check the amount of withdrawals from the ATM.

When purchasing online, use sites that use a security protocol that starts with https within the address bar of the web page. The address of the web page will be changed to https in the sites that use the security address and before you start the process of supplying the card data to complete the purchase.

Please do not provide any financial or personal information or information related to your card to unknown sites on the Internet or respond to any email requesting that information from you and disclose details about your card only when you make a purchase.

. Check periodically the movements deducted from the account associated with the card either by requesting a statement of account directly from the bank or by subscribing to the service online banking Ashur online and provided by our bank, which provides the customer access to his account / or his accounts in an easy and direct and at any time .

Loss of immediate debit card (Master Card)


In case the cardholder loses his card due to theft or loss, he must notify the bank immediately, and the bank will cancel the lost card With a new one being issued later.

The cardholder must also notify the bank when it is suspected of having fraudulent transactions on the Internet in order to initiate verification of such transactions and take action on them.

2. Prepaid Cards


Prepaid cards from the banking services provided by the bank are a MasterCard card that operates in a 100% electronic environment and is prepaid. The customer buys this card and is charged with a certain amount that the customer pays in advance and uses it in purchases (Internet and Mail) Order) or in purchases of POS devices Card can be used inside and outside Iraq.


Characteristics of prepaid cards

Card validity is one year

The currency is in US dollars and can be recharged


Bring a personal identification card with the application form (as per the conditions)