Advantages of working with us

Our valued guest

Choosing to join Ashur International Bank for Investment family will give an opportunity to become a member of a hard working team that strives for the continuous development to materialize the bank’s objectives. Ashur Bank guiding values and principles identify the relation between the bank, employees and customers based on clear and transparent environment that shows our commitment to social responsibility.

Why choose joining Ashur International Bank for Investment?

We believe in Ashur International Bank for Investment that our team is the basic element in our success. Work policies and environment were designed to achieve job satisfaction and fulfil staff’s ambition. Moreover, we focus on trainings and developing aspects that build and enhance staff’s skills and professional capacities. Incentives also were designed to encourage creativity and excellence.

We believe in equal opportunities for all; the bank promotes principles of justice and equity in employment. Only professional qualified candidates are hired to work in positions fit their qualifications and capacities. We respect cultural, ethnic, religious and social diversity and appreciate differences among people.