About Us

Ashur International Bank for Investment was established in 2005 as a private shareholding Company in the private sector. It is considered the first investment bank that provides full package of banking services for commercial enterprises and individuals in Iraq. Due to the growth of the Bank's business and success, its capital was raised up to 250 billion Iraqi Dinars (about $ 215 million) in 2014.

Ashur International Bank for Investment offers full range of distinguished services and products not only to Iraqi individuals and corporates, but also to individuals outside and to regional and international corporates. We are open to world's economies through facilitating internal and external transfers, providing ceilings for credits, and supporting trade finance services.

The Bank operates depending on a solid and well developed banking system that supports its growth and expansion. In addition, the Bank prepares its financial statements in accordance with the adopted International Accounting Standards. The auditing work is conducted by international auditors and the bank provides its services through modern global banking systems.

Ashur International Bank for Investment operates through its ten branches network covering most of the Iraqi provinces; 3 branches in Baghdad; 2 branches in Abril; 1 branch in Basra, Tikrit, Karbala, Mosul, and Sulaymaniyah.

Our success is the result of our permanent pursuit to develop our expertise in the banking sector; as a result, our financial strength is considered an added value for investors, customers, employees, and to the community in general.